Relativity Specialist Certifications

Relativity Specialist certifications are advanced certifications for skilled Relativity users.

What to Expect

Relativity Experience Level: Skilled (6 months of relevant product experience in Relativity recommended to be successful)
Recommended Study: 30+ hours
Exam Delivery Method: Online or Testing Center

Consider a Specialist certification if you are:

  • Familiar with Relativity on a more technical level
  • Looking to validate your expertise in a specific area of Relativity
  • Proficient in advanced Relativity workflows
  • Interested in achieving Relativity Expert or Master status

Path to Getting Certified

Specialist Certification Exams

Relativity Analytics Specialist

The Relativity Analytics Specialist exam is designed for individuals who are responsible for administering conceptual analytics and Active Learning during Relativity projects, and who can effectively communicate the value and application of each Relativity analytics feature.

Designed for:

  • Project managers
  • Analytics users
  • Case admins
  • Solutions engineers
  • Litigation support professionals

Key topics:

  • Building and maintaining indexes
  • Conceptual analytics
  • Active learning

Relativity Data Management Specialist

The Relativity Data Management exam is designed for individuals who want to validate their knowledge and skills involving data flows in and out of RelativityOne.

Designed for:

  • Case admins
  • IT professionals
  • Litigation support professionals
  • Operations analysts

Key topics:

  • Collecting data
  • Installing and configuring settings
  • Importing and exporting data
  • Workspace management
  • Reporting and troubleshooting

Relativity Infrastructure Specialist

The Relativity Infrastructure Specialist certification is available for individuals who have extensive experience managing and troubleshooting Relativity infrastructure and SQL performance.

Designed for:

  • Infrastructure users
  • Senior system admins

Key topics:

  • SQL server performance
  • Relativity configuration
  • Server setup and administration
  • Environment monitoring
  • Networks and security

Relativity Processing Specialist

The Processing Specialist exam is designed for individuals who perform all Processing tasks during a Relativity project and can effectively manage and communicate that process with stakeholders.

Designed for:

  • Processing users
  • Project managers
  • Litigation support professionals
  • Solutions engineers

Key topics:

  • Basic processing workflow
  • Processing profiles and sets
  • Deduplication
  • Processing administration
  • Troubleshooting and error handling workflow

Relativity Project Management Specialist

This Project Management Specialist exam is designed for individuals who oversee all aspects and processes through the lifecycle of an eDiscovery project in Relativity.

Designed for:

  • Project managers
  • Case managers
  • Consultants
  • Client liaisons
  • Litigation support professionals
  • Solutions engineers

Key topics:

  • Basic knowledge of Legal Hold, Processing, importing and exporting, and Case Dynamics
  • In-depth knowledge of review, searching, Analytics, and production

Relativity Review Management Specialist

The Relativity Review Management Specialist exam is designed for individuals who have experience monitoring review team efficiency and accuracy, streamlining review processes and reporting on the status of document reviews in Relativity.

Designed for:

  • Project managers
  • Review team leads
  • Review consultants

Key topics:

  • Managing review workflows
  • Searching
  • Analytics for reviewers
  • Reporting

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